The Stuttering Foundation

The Stuttering Foundation (SFA) is a leading source of material for stuttering. The materials include dvds, printed materials, such as booklets and brochures, that cover a wide array of topics related to the assessment and treatment of stuttering and cluttering. The website is use-friendly for people who stutter (or clutter), parents and families, as well as professionals.

Stuttering Home Page This website, developed and maintained by Judith Kuster, has a wealth of information for people who have a fluency disorder, their families, as well as researchers and clinicians. It offers a variety of information and views on stuttering, special features for children and teens, therapy material, a section entitled “Personal Paths Toward Recovery & Case Studies,” and much more. It also hosts an annual International Online Conference that takes place in October.
Stuttering Prevention: A Manual for Parents (W. Starkweather, et al)


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