Speakers Bureau

LISHA can provide speakers for groups or organizations interested in topics related to communication development and/or disorders.

Below is a suggested list of topics, or a request can be made for a specific topic of interest. Send your request with specific interest, date, time and location to info@lisha.org.

    • Communication Means Business – Complying with the ADA Act
    • Noise in Your Workplace
    • Recognizing a Communication Disorder
    • Identifying and Treating Hearing Loss
    • How to Buy a Hearing Aid
    • Communication and Alzheimer’s Disease
    • Communication and Aphasia
    • Communication and Aging
    • Helping Children Communicate
    • How Does Your Child Hear and Talk
    • Recognizing a Communication Disorder
    • Helping Children Communicate
    • The Impact of Chronic Middle Ear Infection on Learning
    • Language Development and Reading
    • Language/Learning Disabilities & Classroom Performance
    • Noise Induced Hearing Loss: the Danger of Rock Concerts
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