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LISHA Awards

Deadline November 1, 2020.

Honors and Awards Committee 2020 and 2021

Chairperson – Susan Antonellis

Maureen Jimenez

Denise McKeon

Ianthe Murad

Francine Pickus

Award Nomination Form

LISHA Award Nomination Form Definitions of Awards:

Honors of the Association The LISHA member receiving this award will display commitment to the profession through membership in several professional associations, on-going certification in their field of practice (SLP or Aud.), teaching and/or mentoring of students and colleagues, involvement in research, promotion of legislative causes and/or a leadership role within LISHA and/or their workplace. Honors of the Association is the highest honor given by this organization. It is suggested that consideration of nominees be entertained annually.

Outstanding Service The LISHA member receiving this award will be active participant in the LISHA Board through Board and/or Board Committee participation. He/she will be a frequent participant in LISHA activities (workshops, events), an advocate for the profession and an example of volunteerism on behalf of LISHA and the professions of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. Student members in good standing may be considered for this award. Nominations for the award will be considered annually.

Mimi Katzen The recipient of this award will be an individual, program or institution which stands out as an advocate for the professions of Speech-Language Pathology and/or Audiology, as promoting exemplary practice, and/or providing access to services for consumers. This will be demonstrated through involvement in professional associations, promotion of conduction research, provision of habilitative/rehabilitative services, certification as a practitioner, and/or demonstrated volunteerism in the fields of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. Nominations for this award will be considered annually.

Special Citation The recipient of this award will be an individual, program or institution who reflects the interests and intents of professionals in the fields of SLP, Aud., and/or Communication Sciences and Disorders. This award is in recognition of the provision of unique and special services on behalf of the professions or LISHA. Nominations for this award will be considered annually.


Honors of the Association
1972 Marjorie Ackerman
1973 Bob Perlmutter
1976 Steve Rosenbaum
1977 Gene Pressel
1977 Jerome Vallon
1978 JoelaVreeland
1979 Ted Webb
1985 Harvey Gardner 1986 Hy Katz
1987 Marie Mordeno
1988 Linda Tepperman
1989 Frank Volz
1990 Bill Eagen
1991 Ann E. Gordon
1992 Carole Davis
1993 Laura Grey
1994 Debra Lebel
1995 Barbara Kruger
1996 Deanna Glassmann
1997 Donna Geffner
1997 Joanne Quinoa
1998 John Guerriero
1999 Elaine Sands
2001 Rebecca Kooper
2002 Dianne Slavin
2003 Robert Domingo
2004 Joel Stark
2006 Harvey White
2008 Christine Morvay
2009 Rosanne Schoen
2010 Paul R.Esposito
2012 Ellayne Ganzfried
2015 Kim Scharoff
2016 Susan Antonellis
2019  Paul Modugno Okin
 Special Citation
1977 Alan Hevesi
1983 Daniel Ling
1983 Roland Van Hattum
1986 Adelphi University Pre-School Hearing Program
1986 Hofstra University Pre-School Hearing Program
1986 Nancy Tenure and Pam Olsen
1987 Thomas Gulotta
1988 Cleft Palate Parents Council
1988 Drs. Bolognesi and Masarella
1988 Miriam Schneck
1988 Hanna Merker
1988 SHHH: Sue Bromberg
1989 Joseph Deluca
1990 News Channel 12: Lee Tyrel
1991 Robert Gaffney
1992 Huntington SHHH: Ethel Eimold
1994 Susan Watson
1994 Irving Masten
2001 Susan Chefo
2002 Marcia Partridge
2003 Marjorie Weinberg Berman
2003 Senator Kenneth P. LaValle
2004 AHA/AS/PDD Advocates for Individuals with High Functioning Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders
2005 Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg, Long Beach
2006 The ALS Association New York Chapter - Long Island Divison
2007 Nishan and Elizabeth Apelian Cochlear Implant Center, LIJ Hearing and Speech Center
2008 Dr. Florence L. Myers
2011 Patricia Luft, LISHA Registrar
2012 East Meadow SD, Facilities/Grounds Dept.
2013 Matthew Gulotta, Sales Advisor, NY Met Citifield
2015 Lawrence Raphael
2018 Marianne Artinian (Sound and Fury Movie)
Outstanding Service
1995 James Cappadona
1996 Alice Weiner
1998 Paul Esposito
2000 Rosanne Schoen
2002 Ellayne Ganzfried
2003 Beth Grudman
2004 Linda Mancz
2005 Suzanne Ross
2006 Nancy Weiss
2006 Karen O'Sullivan-Seifert
2007 Andrea Casserly
2008 Allison Lynch
2010 Francine S. Pickus
2011 Melissa Kreuder
2012 Kim Scharoff
2013 Maureen Jimenez
2014 Christine Morvay
2015 Denise McKeon
2019 Terri J. Goodman
Mimi Katzen Memorial
1982 Heart Association
1983 BOCES III Hearing Impaired
1983 First Amendment
1985 Priscilla Mendelsohn
1986 Irving Masten
1987 NormaHarrison
1988 Esther Coreys
1989 Barbara Sepe
1990 Bertha Schacter
1992 Steve Rosenbaum
1993 Jack Theurer
1994 Denise D’Onofrio-Zizzo
1996 John Amato
1997 Edith Markel
1998 Audrey Hoffnung
1999 Paula Modugno Okin
2000 Charlotte Plotnick
2001 Lee Caggiano
2002 Lizbeth Dooley-Zawacki
2003 Susan Antonellis
2004 K.T. Kamins
2005 Kathleen McCloskey
2005 Sandra O'Reilly
2006 Melissa Roeder
2007 Sandy White
2008 RochelleTrauber
2010 Steven M. Asofsky
2011 Mary Boghosian-Asofsky
2012 Cindy Arroyo
2013 MarieAnn Zumpone Weibley
2014 Allison Lynch
2017 Renee Fabus
2019 Jamie Rasulo