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BE INSPIRED! Seek accreditation by the ACAE and begin the process after you initially contact us about your university’s program. We are proud to provide accreditation reviews to universities nationwide.

The core purpose of the American Tinnitus Association is to promote relief, prevent, and find cures for tinnitus, evidenced by its core values of compassion, credibility, and responsibility.

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ConsumerAffairs' Cochlear Implant Guide educates readers on important aspects to consider when selecting a cochlear implant. It answers common questions about the components, processes and style of the device. It also addresses hearing implant candidacy and breaks down the pros and cons of the major cochlear implant brands with verified reviews.

Hands On is a NYC based non-profit organization dedicated to providing greater access to arts and cultural programs for the deaf and hard of hearing communities.

This is an online community for the hearing impaired, families and professionals. They offer current news, forums, chats and more on issues related to hearing loss, particularly for parents. Founder, Paula Rosenthal. J.D. is both an adult with a hearing loss, and a parent of a deaf child. A Long Island parent support group was formed in

This is an educational advocacy organization of people working together across NYS to promote issues of importance to New Yorkers with hearing loss. Local chapters are posted on the website.

For the past 25 years, the Institute has concentrated its efforts to improve the lives of all people that are deaf or hard of hearing. It is a national resource for families and professionals on deafness, the treatment and rehabilita-tion of deaf and hard of hearing children, cochlear implants, and a wide range of otolaryngological, audiological, hearing habilitation and technical issues. They publish a free newsletter, that can be accessed on their